FOAM CONCRETE, affordable house built in 6 days!…


Date: December 22, 2020

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“Foam concrete is a type of light concrete mixed with special additives which give to it outstanding characteristics.
Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, 3 times higher than conventional bricks and can be compared with the characteristics of wood. No additional insulation is required! Reduce heating and cooling costs up to 40%.

Foam-concrete is completely clean environmentally friendly material.
Belongs to the group of non-combustible materials.

Foam-concrete is low weight material. It gives direst impact on cost reduction for transportation, use of reinforcing steel for foundation, labor costs, save time for finishing work because of already smooth surface.

The most modern way of building foam-concrete houses at the highest standards and competitive prices.

Cost-effective especially for construction of settlements. In case of flood it can be dry in 24hours.”


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