Nathan Larson, 40, was arrested in Denver for harboring a minor…


Date: December 22, 2020

01) California authorities rescue girl, 12, from pedophile who once ran for Congress

“A 12-year-old California girl has been rescued after authorities said she was abducted by a Virginia man, an admitted pedophile who went to prison for more than a year for threatening to kill either President George W. Bush or President Obama.

Nathan Larson, 40, of Catlett, is facing charges of kidnapping, child abduction, solicting child pornography from a minor and meeting a child for the intention of sex, Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims told a news conference Saturday. The girl wasn’t harmed.

“This particular case is extremely disturbing,” Mims said. She said various law enforcement agencies cooperated in the investigation and that cooperation saved the girl’s life.

But she cautioned other young girls may have been preyed upon by Larson. “We believe that there are other victims out there,” she said.

Larson trolled the girl online and then flew from his home in Virginia to Fresno in order to abduct her, authorities told Fox News.”

02) Former BC nutcase troll ‘Lysander’ back in jail

“This is the clearly deranged guy from a few years ago (later banned from here) who ran for U.S. Congress on the platform of legalizing rape and incest, that some people here actually supported and encouraged.” – Icarus

03) LINK

“I recognize that name for some reason. Wasn’t he once a BoyChat poster?

Does anyone else remember him?” – Enochian


I’m really tired, and I just don’t want to compose much of a post on this…

Just know that there are people floating among us, who you cannot trust to stay out of trouble…I hope nobody was terribly close to Nathan Larson…I cannot imagine that a lot of people allowed him to get close to them, after his history on both GirlChat and BoyChat.

To their credit…both of these forums banned him from participation, years before this event took place.

Maybe this news report is not fair…I don’t know…But you can read my comments in the last two links, above…including in the comments section…They all speak for themselves.

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3 thoughts on “Nathan Larson, 40, was arrested in Denver for harboring a minor…

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Thank you, feinmann. This is the first I’ve heard of it, as I haven’t been keeping up with his case.

      It’s easy to re-frame things after the fact…but, maybe it all was “just a plane flight in each others company”…Who am I to say it wasn’t?…I am skeptical, however…and, obviously, took deep issue with some of his beliefs and actions.

    2. eqfoundation Post author


      “On [ – one of his websites], Nathan vetted females by requiring them to submit scantily clad or naked photos with written on their bodies. Once confirmed they were assigned a badge of approval underneath their avatar as “confirmed femoid”.

      The forum was buzzing with illegal activity. Not only the discussing of rape and kidnapping plans or sections dedicated to hooking up with minors. A subforum/gallery titled “Priklopil’s Basement” (a reference to a famous kidnapper who kept a girl in his basement for ages.) was allegedly used to share CP material.

      Quoting from one of the forums still up from Nathan’s servers:
      “The presence of foids was not even a bad thing, as them talking about their desire to be raped and sharing positive experiences with pedophilia and incest, helped counteract the dominant feminist narrative about these topics.”

      While I agree with the principle expressed in the very last sentence, fact is…so much of the behavior Nathan engaged in has historically done tremendous damage to our movement…That is the reality of it.

      There is no foundation for a movement, in a whole lot of isolated incels getting picked off…It is complete folly.

      I’ve seen this to many times…When anyone is taken away by the state, those for whom it struck close to home typically retreat and go into hiding.

      Engaging in civil disobedience only works, when you have enough people involved to make it work…and the broader culture is in a psychological place to process and accept your message…and most important, step up to defend you.

      You know…some people act like we’re obliged to throw our own bodies at all of this, as if we are living cannon fodder…As if not having sex with someone, is the end of the world…and I strongly disagree. There are so many other ways you can respond to this, and actually do something good in this world.


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