The Schizoid Personality…


Date: December 22, 2020

Allegedly, I am a schizoid personality…with a dash of schizotypal…So, I went down the rabbit hold a bit further after stumbling upon videos about these topics, to see what is said about these things…

I am a loner, yes…that’s true…and I only wish I had a solitary, isolated kind of job…I’d probably greatly enjoy it.

…but that second video…they almost make it sound like I’d naturally just “let someone drown if they fell in the pool”…Seems kind of an extreme way of looking at this type of state.

I don’t know how someone like myself even could come off as being indifferent, given how much of my life has been dedicated to ending human suffering.

And who says this is a “disorder”?…

As species evolution goes, one of the biggest strengths any species has is it’s own diversity.

Those who are not always among the crowds act as a sort of survival hedge for any species.

Hermits are less likely to die in pandemics…or public terrorist attacks…or battles in war…because they’re not so much among the concentrated target.

They may have their own weaknesses…but they do offer one branch to our species, which may very well provide a lifeboat to it’s continuation.

As a hedge tactic…hermits…introverts…schizoids…make a lot of sense in the broader picture.

I honestly don’t understand why this sort of thing even is pathologized, or tainted as being some type of “dysfunction”…they do still fill a social niche, after all.

It seems, like so much else…it’s done to force conformity, in order to please somebody else…even when it comes at the expense and detriment, of the one forced into conformity.

What’s wrong with existing in a state, which is harming nobody?…What’s wrong with leaving well enough alone, and letting someone live their life in a state which is most natural, and hence most beneficial, to themselves?

It’s when you start forcing people [and frankly, any animal life] to constantly exist in a way that is not natural to them, that you begin imposing a chronic dysfunction upon them…which often leads to psychological problems, other health problems…and sometimes, extreme social outbursts…extreme anti social behavior…It’s one way we get the people who mentally break and “go postal”.

This world treats [and abuses] so many of us, as if we were all clones, with no personal needs or diversity…You live so much of your life miserable, in service of “the system” and the model of “living a proper life” which it imposes upon you…that if you are insightful, you eventually realize the best potentials and aspects of your own existence have been taken away from you, and used up to serve somebody else’s “grand ambitions”…and you’ve spent your entire life impoverishing yourself, in order to further fatten a predatory system…which cares nothing about you, as an individual…It only cares about “you”, to the extent that you don’t threaten the status quo…And it’s only moral calculation, is how little can it get away with spending on keeping you compliant, before it becomes most attractive to them simply to eliminate “you”.

Possibly the single worst problem among animals, including the human animal…is those who believe they have any right to dominate and punish all others…It’s what causes dysfunction, injury, anger, hatred, murder and wars.

Find me a cure for those schemers who are constantly trying to have other people confined, gagged, shackled and caged…That’s the worst pathology of them all.

They pose the greatest true danger out of all.

01) What is Schizoid Personality Disorder?

“This video describes Schizoid Personality Disorder. Schizoid Personality Disorder is characterized by detachment, being a “loner,” no interest in forming relationships, a deficit in social skills, taking jobs that isolate them from others, no close friends, decreased interest in pleasurable activities, indifference to praise or criticism, cold or flat affect. Clinically significant distress is not required for a diagnosis of Schizoid Personality as stated in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM). Individuals with Schizoid Personality Disorder rarely seek treatment, however, the prevalence is about 3 – 4%. One of the common goals in mental health treatment of Schizoid Personality Disorder usually involves improving social skills.”

02) Schizophrenia vs. Schizotypal vs. Schizoid Personality Disorder: the Differences

“In this video, Dr. Ramani Durvasula breaks down the differences between schizoid personality disorder, schizotypal personality disorder, & schizophrenia.

In this interview, Dr. Ramani covers…
Schizophrenia symptoms vs. schizoid personality disorder vs. schizotypal personality disorder differences
Which disorders experience symptoms of delusions
Which disorders experience symptoms of hallucinations
Which disorders experience symptoms of psychotic symptoms
Why schizophrenia is so misunderstood
Common misdiagnoses of schizoid personality disorder”


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