2 thoughts on ““Activism is Often About Revenge” – Mike Nayna…

  1. Yure

    This is a thing that worries me in the MAP movement if our cause becomes popular. If our activism starts to be used that way, we might end up becoming more hated than we are now.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      There is a lot of very old, deep seeded anger within our broader community, yes.

      I sometimes express it, myself…Though, in all fairness, I’ve never put myself forward as any type of “top tier leader”…and my focus has been more on simply being a human, giving an honest, genuine reaction to the world around me…

      …and anger at what is happening in the world, is a true, real, valid and justified response, to what I’ve personally seen and experienced throughout my life.

      Mind you…anger is never the dominant emotion or expression…but the broader world needs to see and understand, something is extremely wrong in this world…

      …and anybody who’s been around in this movement/cause for any long duration of time, who’s familiar with all the really messed up social issues, and how it often seems impossible to change these things explicitly because of all the people trying to run interference and trip you up…there is something wrong with such people, if they fail to become angry over this.

      That does not mean response needs to be led by anger…It can be redirected, and spun into something positive.

      Everything I’ve done out here among the masses…it originally started, rebounding out of a psychological breakdown…pure exasperation, disgust and anger.

      That may sound counterintuitive…but it is how it happened.

      I decided to do something creative and constructive, with where I was at, and what I had available to me.


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