Sex Offender interview – Frankie…


Date: January 10, 2021

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“Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of Frankie, a convicted sex offender from the west coast of Florida.”

Hard to tell where to put this one…

…But I think this interview is an important watch.

I feel like I should type out some thoughts…I’m just not really feeling like doing so, right now.

It’s unfortunate that the system ultimately got into his head…and you’ll understand what I mean, near the end…Otherwise, this is actually a really interesting, very honest interview.

It ends on a bad note, I was really hoping it would avoid…but then, it probably would not have been published otherwise…”Have to give the people their expectations”, after all.

I don’t know this guy…Maybe he did violate some principle I would find critical…Maybe he was overly aggressive in finding sexual companionship at a young age…

…It just…I know there has got to be a better way to intervene [if it was such a problem in the first place], than sending them to prison and putting someone on a register.

Is this a case which honestly warranted such?

I know I cannot provide any kind of character witness for Frankie…But I also know humans well enough, to say that he does not carry himself as though he is burdened by deep shame…not for the simple sex acts…and I have to question whether or not, there even was anything there which warranted shame…or demanded an apology…

…It sounds like Frankie was taken advantage of…at least by the 13 year old hustler…

I’m glad he is able to talk about it openly…matter of fact…

People should understand…these are also the kinds of people and cases, which get destroyed by the system for the “crime” of “being a pervert”…

…Am I placing too much faith and grace into Frankie?…I don’t know…

…But I do know, that is not someone who strikes me as deserving what the state and society did to him.

There are good people who end up in these exact situations…Frankie may very well be one of those people.

In addition, I’m glad Frankie talked about a real danger to BoyLovers…That being, hustler boys who are literally only out to seduce and blackmail.

This is a real thing…BoyLovers have been devastated, by what these types of boys did to them.

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6 thoughts on “Sex Offender interview – Frankie…

  1. feinmann

    Frankie mentioned that he had had sex with many, many boys. Like Russian roulette, I guess it was just a matter of time before an entrepreneurial boy would use sexual abuse laws to their advantage and become Frankie’s nemesis. That so many other boys did not do so, reminds me of the Clarence Osborne case in Brisbane, where as many as 2500 boys aged 13 years and older, had sex with Osborne over a twenty year period, yet not one of this multitude of boys reported their experience and Osborne to the authorities. The Osborne case, and to some extent Frankie’s, suggests that boys of a certain age naturally seek out sexual encounters with adults that they sense are attracted to them and that take an interest in them.

    Frankie is a victim of a vindictive society that wages war against a core human sexuality fashioned for very good survival reasons over countless millenia.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Did they actually get testimony from at least a substantive portion of those 2500 boys?

      That would be a wonderful resource to have, I think.

      I have no idea how one could manage to have that many sex partners, over such a relatively short amount of time…It takes time to cultivate relationships to the point of sexual activity.

      I agree…Even if Frankie weren’t “pure as snow”…he strikes me as a kind person, who was facilitating sexual exchanges with the willing, because that’s just what worked for him and all involved.

      Like you, I saw a victim here…not a predator.

      1. feinmann

        Use translate tool to read about Osborne. Interestingly, I could find no English language Wiki version of this account. Maybe because it is an inconvenient truth that flies in the face of the puritanical dominant narrative.

        As you will see, Osborne was a meticulous record-keeper.

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