2 thoughts on “Trump (And His GOP Enablers) Must Be Held Accountable for Inciting an Insurrection…

  1. octaevius

    The U.S.A. is supposed to arrest, convict and send Terrorist Leaders both foreign and domestic to the Guanatamo Bay Dentention Camp – Donald J. Trump, Donald Trump J.R. and Rudy Giuliani.-

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I’ve been saying the last few days, that I don’t see how Trump can walk out of office a free man…most especially since there have been five deaths connected to his ransacking of congress…two of those deaths explicitly caused by the attack.

      What Trump did is a form of treason…which carries with it the death penalty, if convicted…

      I have no faith that congress has the spine to actually execute Trump, however.

      You are correct…we should hand those two over to a world tribunal…and quite a few others should join them.


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