2 thoughts on “Crying Rioter BREAKS DOWN After Finding Out He’s On The No Fly List…

  1. Yure

    He sincerely thought he would get away with that? Also, the “popular” revolution against Dilma Rousseff was also carried out by the upper class. There was nothing “popular” in that. That guy looks like a “cidadão de bem”: a person who thinks that he is above the law because he firmly believes that his motivations are good.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I spent so many years on twitter, crossing paths with these sorts…

      …Some of them would approach a MAP [another MAP or myself], and commit a small grocery list of brazen TOS violations…and then they’d be crying up a storm, acting like some grave wrong was done to them, when it came out a few days later that their account was suspended [for 12 hours, or something nominal] because of what they did to a MAP on the platform.

      It never occurred to them that the TOS apply to themselves, even when they are threatening and abusing a MAP.

      Of course…this was back when twitter at least tried to be even handed on TOS enforcement…Today, they refuse to take any action against such abuses, and actively shelter such behavior…which encourages it.

      For the people who do that…it’s all about self entitlement. They imagine they deserve no ill consequences, regardless of what they do to another human being, or to property, or…


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