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The Serfs get hit by censorship? Who is next?…

Date: January 16, 2021

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There’s nothing new about this…

…I wish I had had a small army of friends to back me up, when I lost my YouTube channel…

…It would be nice if I had such, responding to the gross abuse of twitter’s suspension of my account.

They come after people, who do literally nothing to deserve it.


That Moment When You Record Yourself Doing Some Insurrection…

Date: January 16, 2021

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“As the number of insurrectionists being identified and arrested continues to climb, many are trying to walk back their ‘brave words and actions’ in the hopes that the FBI doesn’t come for them next.

But thanks to the Parler hack, metadata, and idiots who like to record themselves and their fellow patriots doing some insurrection, there is a mountain of evidence that can’t be ignored.”


The Gall of Twitter: Crying After Being Blocked in Uganda…

About This Series

Date: January 16, 2021

01) In Their Own Words

Can you believe these absolute hypocrites have the gall, to publish a statement like this?

The Ugandan government has blocked twitter during it’s election process…so, “naturally”…twitter is up in arms, crying about suffering the same material fate at the hands of a government, which it thinks nothing of imposing on it’s own user base.

…and imposing on it’s own user base far more maliciously, harshly and permanently, at that.

That diseased company is being blocked from interfering in a government election…and it does not like that it’s being stopped from interfering and manipulating, when it is largely allowed to interfere and manipulate “everywhere” else.

Many are sick of it’s interference and manipulation, in what is ultimately the everyday lives of people.




Hell of a lot of [extremely annoying] people expressing this sentiment, who act oblivious to the larger picture…

The respondent gets it…

I would also add:

Twitter enjoys various protections, provided by the government of many of the people it directly targets and shits all over.

Those same people have been used in countless ways to build the “stable” economy and society, in which twitter has been able to build and thrive.

Allegedly [I’ll have to look more into this], twitter has been the recipient of financial government assistance.

Twitter, the dialogue and connections which take place there, have a severe impact on society and politics, which all of us have to live the consequences of.

The fact that MAPs are not allowed to temper hysterics and threats posted against them, is an outrage.

The fact that I can no longer communicate with any of my personal politicians through twitter [what is now a mainstream platform for communication, even with government officials], is an outrage.

This is how the cunts at twitter treat a disabled war vet.

Most of those cunts don’t have the first clue, what it means to truthfully sacrifice on a personal level, or to lose so much of yourself, for some other cause…

…They only know how to point fingers, blame, curse others and punch down at those who have a much harder time fighting back, against their anonymous hacks, their money and their resources.

…and they present themselves as “heroes” for it…with some “righteous authority” to do what they do, and impact so much of this world in the devastating ways that they do.

It makes me sick, what the U.S. has sunk to.

twitter is one of it’s poisonous fruits.

I just wish these sorts of people would actually understand…This is not even about ignoring the TOS and guidelines…

…Most of us are well aware of what the TOS/guidelines were, far better than most people on that platform…

It’s about spending years and years in meticulous compliance with those TOS and guidelines, just to have twitter abruptly change the parameters, employing the most outrageous, indefensible new “rules” just to throw people off the platform, without any appeal, recourse or path to get back on.

Who, understanding just how this works, defends that sort of thing?

Twitter is not on the level, with it’s own TOS and guidelines…which is the whole problem.

How is anybody supposed to remain compliant, when twitter flippantly writes useless, irrational rules, which force targeted groups into “non compliance”?