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MWF Prime Time – January 17, 2021…


Date: January 17, 2021

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Match 1: Ganymede & Boxie Hathaway VS Dylan & Cole Sprout – 92%

Match 2: Bobby Jobby VS feinmann – 66%

Special Match: 4 Way Dance

Match 3: Yure GonnaGetIt VS Dave Haven VS Mic ElGross VS Mason GoreCheese – 89%

Main Event:

Match 4: JSM VS Zeus – 83%

To avoid spoilers, you must highlight the text on this table in order to read it.

Win: Ganymede & Boxie Hathaway Loss: Dylan & Cole Sprout
Win: feinmann Loss: Bobby Jobby
Special Match: 4 Way Dance Mason GoreCheese KO’s Mic ElGross
Main Event Match: JSM Defeats Zeus – NEW Prime Time Champion!

Show Referee: Devlin

Location: Jowston

Atreyu Hathaway declaired that he shall be known as Boxie Hathaway, from this day forward.

A video played on the big screen in front of the crowd, showing Bliss Ransom being tormented, as someone off screen laughs…A dead rat was thrown on the floor, and in a famished craze Bliss grabbed it and ate it. “You belong to me, now”, whispered the voice.

Reisman marched out to the ring during the middle of the show, and declared herself the new MWF manager, introducing her second in command, Goon Vapid…The crowd started chanting…”Poo-In-Head!…Poo-In-Head!”, as Goon grabed the microphone and started chewing out the crowd.


BEST RANKED MATCH: Ganymede & Boxie Hathaway VS Dylan & Cole Sprout – 92%



Sammy Hagar & The Circle- “Heroes” (David Bowie) Official Music Video…

Date: January 17, 2021

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“David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’ is one of my favorite songs ever, and a chance to tip our hat to all those frontline workers on every level from the grocery stores, to the policeman and firefighters, doctors etc. that put their own lives at risk & do their jobs to help others. For us it kind of sums up 2020, the whole year. And to release it so close to his birthday and passing just makes it that more special.” – Sammy

All proceeds from the song “Heroes” will be donated to food banks nationwide.”