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Evangelical Christians in the USA…


Date: January 18, 2021

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“Evangelical Christians often have a huge impact on American politics. Many of these people are socially conservative, consider themselves patriots, and believe that Americans have a constitutional right to own guns.

This documentary explores the core beliefs of America’s fundamentalist Christians – including the concept of creation, as opposed to evolution. Our report features interviews with conservative evangelicals who, for example, believe that God created the world in six days about 6,000 years ago.

Our reporters traveled to the state of Kentucky to visit a Creation Museum and a Christian theme park that features a life-size model of Noah’s Ark.

Christian churches in the US play a major social role, especially in rural areas. They operate schools and universities, and organize music festivals that celebrate their faith.

Most fundamentalist Christians are opposed to abortion, pre-marital sex, and homosexuality. They believe that those who engage in these activities will be condemned to Hell. And some have formed paramilitary groups to defend themselves against those whom they perceive as enemies – including non-believers, Communists, and Muslims.”

In the first segment…all that money going straight into a trash can…

…Some would suggest, that is quite a fitting optic.

This documentary is a good overview, what it’s like growing up in this…I hope people recognize the various cultish practices employed here.


Fox News GOES DOWN Wrecked By Ratings Disaster…

Date: January 18, 2021

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“Tucker Carlson, Fox News’ most influential prime-time star, announced on Monday that he would be taking on a bigger role at the network. Carlson claimed that he was discussing with Fox executives what he described as plans to “expand the amount of reporting and analysis we do in this hour across other parts of the company.” He told his viewers that “the people who run Fox News want more of it, not less.”

They are already getting it — at the expense of the network’s putative “straight news” programs. In the two days following Carlson’s announcement, those shows aired clips from his nightly “opinion” show at least 14 times. Fox “news” anchors and correspondents have incorporated clips from Carlson or his guests into packaged reports; used them as the jumping off point for panel discussions; and featured them in news briefs.



Ep. 155: Rick Snyder’s Crimes Against Humanity (feat. Jordan Chariton) – Rumble with Michael Moore…

Date: January 18, 2021

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“After more than six years of no accountability for former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder for his actions leading to the poisoning of the city of Flint, Snyder was arraigned on Wednesday for two counts of willful neglect of duty. He is the first of Michigan’s 49 governors in 184 years to face charges related to their time in office. If convicted, he could face up to one year in jail and up to $1,000 in fines. Snyder is among nine senior officials who are facing a total of 42 criminal charges for their actions that caused a deadly Legionnaires’ disease outbreak in Genesee County, and caused permanent, irreversible brain damage due to lead poisoning to thousands of Flint children.

Michael is joined by investigative journalist Jordan Chariton who had doggedly reported on the plight of the people of Flint and the wide-ranging cover-up by Snyder and his henchman. They discuss why it’s taken this long for any sort of legal action to be taken against Snyder, why his misdemeanor charge is not enough, and what we must do now.

How A Flurry Of Suspicious Phone Calls Set Investigators On Rick Snyder’s Trail
By Jordan Chariton & Jenn Dize

Michigan’s Ex-Gov. Rick Snyder Knew About Flint’s Toxic Water—and Lied About It
By Jordan Chariton & Jenn Dize

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Michael Moore: The Terrorist Attack Is NOT Over…

Date: January 18, 2021

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“Many of the attackers are still in D.C. They were aided and abetted by certain members of the police, military and Republican party. And Wednesday’s terror attack was just a dry run for what they are planning next. Michael Moore shares his latest, urgent thoughts on the terror attack that occurred this week and the one we must prepare for.

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