Elitists Compare GAMESTONKS To Capitol Riots…

Date: January 30, 2021

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I’m laughing my ass off about this situation…

…And no…No Fucking Government Bailout for These Parasitic Entities!!!

U.S. Government…Don’t You Fucking Dare hand out money to them!

Fuck Them!…It’s good when these shitty “businesses” go down in flames.

They’re nothing but an imposed disease on our economy [and quality of life], only serving private interests of wealthy people.

Strictly speaking…I don’t believe the Toys R Us obscenity of a few years back is exactly the same scenario [where they bought it, pillaged it and ran it into the ground intentionally], but it’s still the same general bumfuckery interference and manipulation, these wealthy entities are so reviled for.

These groups, corporations, whatever, simply inflict themselves into wherever they want…taking over stores and services all over the nation…not doing fuck all, to actually improve those businesses or benefit the communities they exist in…instead, greater impoverishing those communities and degrading their quality of life, by taking away those businesses…and all for the sole purpose of multiplying the wealth of people who are already filthy rich.

It is completely soulless and predatory…It does not merely fail to add any tangible good to the market…it actually strips away choices and experiences from the masses.

Because of people like them, and their business entities…untold numbers of normal kids will now never get the chance to do something so simple, as joyfully wandering through a Toys R Us store.

…And you likely can’t take your kids there anymore, if you want to…

…All the more sickening, when realizing that Toys R Us was still making profit [and employing thousands of people], before these predators swooped in and captured it…and ate it.

These people literally act to impoverish the masses [economically and psychologically], because it’s all about making their own stack of money grow…They don’t live in our communities…They don’t have to deal with any of the degradation happening in our communities…Therefor, they don’t mind taking away from our communities.

Fuck Them!

There should be laws against what they do…They should be living in prison cells, having these ill begotten spoils stripped from them and given back to the people they stole them from.

I’m happy that some pain has been inflicted back on these predators…I’m happy that private citizens have made some financial gains, and a predatory entity has been driven into bankruptcy…as well as extreme debt…It’s where those predatory fuckers belong.



2 thoughts on “Elitists Compare GAMESTONKS To Capitol Riots…

  1. Zachary Jordan

    I hope they don’t sell. I hope these retail investors don’t budge an inch for those hedgefund parasites.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Me too.

      I doubt that there is much of a future left for GameStop, and I know it has a bad reputation for some of it’s practices…but I did patron GameStop for years, as well as two of it’s rivals it bought out and brought under it’s own banner [Babbages & EB Games]…and I confess, I always loved going into these stores…

      I’d spend an hour or so browsing…Years ago, I might actually leave with three, four or five games in a single visit…This also includes used games.

      My memories of GameStop are quite positive, and I find it jarring just how many people have the place on their shit list these days.

      I mostly stay out of these stores [there are still two, that are “local” enough to me], because I know when I get in there…I get impulsive, and if I run across that one rare title that I’m not going to find just anywhere, and it’s still forty, fifty dollars…I’m going to spend money that I shouldn’t be spending.

      It would be neat as hell, if the company took it’s new found capital, and actually reinvented itself into something that can compete…

      I really don’t want to see the “brick and mortar” video game stores go away…You just cant replace entering and browsing in a store…putting your hands on things…It’s like a little trip to Disney Land.


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