12yo Girl Finds Hidden Camera Recording Her in Shower—It Belonged to a Cop…


Date: February 03, 2021

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“A top cop with the Weber County Sheriff’s Office was arrested last Wednesday and charged with utterly disturbing crimes for spying on the little girl. Marc Swain, 47, is a crime scene investigator with the sheriff’s office who has found himself on the other side of the law after his arrest last week on multiple counts of voyeurism and sexual exploitation of a minor.

Swain is accused of hiding a recording device in a bathroom used by a 12-year-old girl. The girl told her parents about the camera after she noticed a camera lens in various places moving around the bathroom every time she showered.

Before he was arrested, when Swain was questioned by someone who knows the girl, he reportedly told them that he accidentally left a “flash drive” in the bathroom that including a camera. Apparently, he “accidentally” left it in the bathroom — repeatedly and in different locations.

Because the alleged crimes took place in the county in which Swain is a cop, the Layton City Police Department was called in to conduct the investigation to prevent the conflict of interest.

Once the investigation was launched, Swain quickly caved to the pressure and admitted what he had been doing.

While this case may seem crazy, we reported on another identical case just a few weeks ago. As TFTP reported in December, just like Swain, a Mandan police officer in North Dakota set up a camera in the exhaust fan of a bathroom to record a young girl getting in and out of the shower. The person alleged to have put the camera in the fan is 45-year-old Scott Warzecha. Warzecha was the main suspect because the camera in the fan was on a cellphone that belonged to the cop.”

…Good grief!…these stories keep chaining, one to another…

…In the linked story in the above quote, they link to yet another case of the same thing…only with a cop recording a boy…

“As we previously reported, officer David Cerna of the Chesterfield police department was arrested for recording an underage boy using the bathroom with a hidden camera that he placed in a Mobile on the Run gas station, among other things. He would then upload the videos to a porn site online. He also detained and searched a child victim he had previously recorded.”

What’s with all these cops trying to get illegal nudies of young kids?

…Dare I follow that last link?…I might find more links, to more stories.

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6 thoughts on “12yo Girl Finds Hidden Camera Recording Her in Shower—It Belonged to a Cop…

  1. Yure

    First they come for Hollywood. Then they come for the Catholic Church. Then they come for the Boy Scouts. The current target is the police force. Come on, guys… There are pedophiles everywhere. We can’t single out a corporation or a group. Even though what he did was wrong, tho, we gotta still acknowledge that he probably helped to fight crimes worse than the one he committed.

    1. eqfoundation Post author


      …I take issue with people who are “pedophiles”, who join the organizations which most viciously assault “pedophiles”, even to the point of making a profitable career out of it…

      …and then, worse still, commit some of the worst “pedophile” crimes while going about said life pursuit.

      These are “live by the sword, die by the sword” cases, IMO.

      They should have been doing what “pedophiles” like us are doing…not hiding in an enemy organization, working against and exploiting other “pedophiles”.

      Those types of “pedophiles” just keep feeding and propping up the system, in all the worst ways.

  2. feinmann

    Another weird strand of human (mostly) male behaviour, the tendency to abuse power once you acquire it. Jozsef Szajer, the Hungarian Fidesz MP who got caught out recently at a drug-fuelled gay orgy in Brussels taking place in contravention of Covid restrictions, supported government hostility towards LGBT rights in his home country. The most vociferously anti-queer or anti-pedo vigilantes are often have the very same orientation they enjoy persecuting in others.

    In the case of Messers Swain and Warzecha, both work(ed) for an organisation where power is easily acquired, and where accountability is rarely levied when power is abused. Who knows just how long and how many times they both got away with their candid camera activities because they had the authority to access family homes within their respective communities.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Not that I’m trying to scapegoat them or anything…but it’s because of behavior like that, that everybody is suspicious of everybody else…even when most of us would never even think of doing such a thing.


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