Documentarian Censored For Hate Speech Despite Making Film Against It…

Date: February 05, 2021

01) LINK

Boogaloo Movement:

This article explains why the Boogaloo movement is looked upon as being a domestic terrorist initiative.

I have to say [especially in light of Jimmy beating this horse to death], I’m surprised Jimmy has still not done the most basic of investigation into this movement, instead letting one singular unknown who claims to be “a Boogaloo Boy” represent the movement.

I did some looking into this movement quite a number of years back…and what I was finding on their own website, confirmed that people’s fears of them being domestic terrorists were warranted.

Why is Jimmy hanging so much on this one guy, and this chance interview he had with him?

I was really disgusted with the way Jimmy treated the guy in this interview [I think he has the original unlisted or private]…That whole interview was destroyed by Jimmy, when it should have been something far more productive.

Yes, yes…when a larger body is threatening smaller groups, they can join on common ground and fight back…

…But how do you justify joining with groups, who think it’s fine to kidnap and murder other people [including legally elected officials] based on ideological differences?

How do you even get to a point, where you can invest enough trust in such people…that you’d actually trust them to guard your own back?

Being entirely serious…as a homosexual pedophile…even just as a homosexual…or an atheist…I’d be constantly anticipating a bullet in the back of my head, anytime one of them was outside of my own view and had the opportunity.


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