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MWF Royal Pain In The Arse – February 06, 2021…


Date: February 06, 2021

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Match 1: Ganymede & Boxie Hathaway VS Nigel O & Tom O – 79%

Match 2: Bliss Ransom VS His Tormentor – 68%

Special Match: Royal PITA

Match 3: Viamund, Dave Haven, Yure GonnaGetIt, feinmann, Mason GoreCheese, Hyacinth, King Fabio, Ronald Bump – 100%

Main Event:

Match 4: Mic ElGross VS Steve Diamond – 65%

To avoid spoilers, you must highlight the text on this table in order to read it.

Win: Nigel O & Tom O Loss: Ganymede & Boxie Hathaway
Win: Onion Loss: Bliss Ransom
Special Match: Royal PITA Mason GoreCheese Wins!
Main Event Match: Mic ElGross Defeats Steve Diamond

Show Referee: Even Stephen

Location: Landover

Bliss Ransom is seen shreeking at Reisman and Goon, begging them to rescue him, as he is placed in a collar and chain being led off by Onion…Reisman and Goon turn their backs, pretending to see nothing…”Good Riddance” being whispered by Reisman as Onion and Bliss disappear out the door.


BEST RANKED MATCH: Royal PITA Match – 100%



Censorship ONSLAUGHT Underway…

Date: February 06, 2021

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I’m honestly sorry to see this happening to you guys…

…and while I’m not going to throw it in the faces of anyone, that virtually nobody has been there over the decades to stand up for us MAPs, while this literal same thing has continued to happen to us…

…I will say, I’m pleased to see those who’ve actually been able to break into some level of prominence, are finally starting to address this constant problem of unjustified censorship and banishment from the public square.

It’s a shame that it took them personally being targeted, in order for them finally to get more aggressive about this…but, the push back grows.

That is a good thing.


How Not to Resolve the Paradox of Tolerance…

Date: February 06, 2021

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“The New Discourses Podcast with James Lindsay, Episode 17
Repressive Tolerance Series, Part 1 of 4

We live in a crazy world today that seems to have gone off the rails. That’s because it is being driven by a broken logic, and, for all the flaws on the right, that broken logic is centered in the no-longer-tolerant left. The logic of the left today is overwhelmingly rooted in a single essay published in 1965 by the neo-Marxist philosopher Herbert Marcuse. That essay is “Repressive Tolerance” (https://www.marcuse.org/herbert/publications/1960s/1965-repressive-tolerance-fulltext.html). The thesis statement of this essay can be boiled down to “movements from the left must be extended tolerance, even when they are violent, while movements from the right must not be tolerated, including suppressing them by violence.” This asymmetric ethic has been the heart and soul of left politics in the West since the 1960s, and we’re living in the fruit of that catastrophe now.

To help people understand this vitally important and intrinsically totalitarian essay and its relevance to our present moment, James Lindsay walks the listener through Marcuse’s “Repressive Tolerance” in a four-part lecture series. In this series, he reads the essay in full and attempts to make clear how it is the logic underlying the present moment. The goal is to explain the essay as Marcuse would have understood it, in his own context, and to show how his own logic has become dominant and the monster that he believed he was fighting.

In the first part, Lindsay begins by framing the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory to give background on Marcuse. He also explains that Marcuse seems to be attempting to give a solution to Karl Popper’s famous “Paradox of Tolerance,” which was provided as an aside in his 1945 book The Open Society and Its Enemies, which analyzed how fascism can arise and overtake liberal societies. Marcuse’s answer to this conundrum is that a “discriminating tolerance,” a “liberating tolerance,” must be practiced that offers favoritism to the left and actively suppresses the right, as he defines them (from a perspective of Critical Theory). Join Lindsay as he contextualizes and then brings the first portion of this essay to life, and stay tuned for Parts 2, 3, and 4 to come!”