BONFIRE – Love Don’t Lie (2021) // Official Music Video // AFM Records…

Date: February 19, 2021

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“A good song is a good song – this half-acoustic version of the 2009 BONFIRE ballad has even more impact than the original. It comes as a lovely duet, so beautifully arranged and full of sweet emotion, deep feelings and masterclass musicianship.

“Love Don’t Lie” (featuring Lydia Panè) is released!! The new Bonfire album “ROOTS” an almost unplugged album.

Hans Ziller came up with a very interesting idea to include some guitar licks from some of his musical influences into the songs. They are tastefully woven through the entire album. They are all in the original keys and really makes for some interesting listening.

Taken from the album “Roots”, out 26.02.2021!
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Close your eyes when memories are fading
Hold me tight ’til death do us part
Dream away the tears you have been crying
‘Cause love will rise again

Love is like the unknown answer
To the questions of your heart
Love is patient, love is kind
Don’t you let it slip away

Love don’t lie – love don’t lie
Love don’t lie – love don’t lie

Drift away on the oceans of your feelings
Here to stay is the emptiness inside
Time goes by while your heart is held to ransom
‘Til love will set you free again

Love is like a clear blue river
Love is more than words can say
Love don’t envy, love don’t hurt
If you only let it be

Love don’t lie – love don’t lie
Love don’t lie – love don’t lie
Primis Player Placeholder
Love is like the uncut diamond
Hiding in your heart to stay
But love ain’t love ’til you finally give it away
It’s coming back to you someday”


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