The Indo-European Sky Father…


Date: February 23, 2021

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“The Proto-Indo-Europeans of the Pontic Caspian Steppe and other parts of Eastern Europe in the neolithic worshipped a paternal deity who they called Dyḗus ph₂tḗr “sky father”. With comparative linguistics and comparative mythology we can learn a lot about this ancient god from whom Greek Zeus, Roman Jupiter, Irish Dagda, Vedic Dyáuṣ Pitṛ́ and Norse Odin and many others also derive. In this video I explain what we know about the god’s mythic roles relating to cattle, his relationship to other gods in the Indo-European religion and his association with different animals in later pagan religions.

The Sky Father is the most well attested of all the Indo-European gods and is central to our understanding of Proto-Indo-European religion.

00:00​ Intro
01:34​ Indo-Europeans and their beliefs
03:55​ Comparative mythology
05:00​ Linguistics
07:55​ Identifying the sky father
11:15​ Indo-European cosmogenesis
14:24​ Celestial vs Terrestrial and Hieros Gamos
16:24​ Sovereign gods
17:15​ Zeus
18:34​ Horse twins
19:49​ Sacrificial beasts
22:28​ Bulls
23:21​ Eagles
24:52​ Wolves
26:25​ Conclusion”


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