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Movements, Demands and Shifting Goalposts: Is There A Discernible Social Goal?…


Date: February 27, 2021

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“I remember when The Morally Just Thing To Do© was “I don’t see color.”
And you know what?
That made sense!
Because racism stems from perceiving one race as different than another (regardless of reality).
But now the goalposts have shifted (again), and what was once considered anti-racist is itself racist.
When will we finally cross the goal?
IS there a goal?” – beardy @bahn

People come along…they see what they recognize as [or believe to be] a problem…they fight…maybe get what they want, or some degree of it…or not…they die…other people are born, with their own ideas on “what’s right”…and they repeat the cycle.

Some might interpret the banishment of “Aunt Jemima” as being racist, in itself.

It’s snuffing out that sweet, smiling lady who brings us our yummy pancakes…because there is some messy history which the overwhelming majority know nothing about, associated with her.

I would think…logically…of all the icons that should be entirely inoffensive and celebrated…”Aunt Jemima” would be totally safe and uncontroversial…but, no…

…Somebody, somewhere just has to latch onto long gone history, and frantically reach for the “delete” button…

…because it somehow makes sense in their mind, to banish everything, which they have decided holds a social taint.

It’s pure madness.

I don’t believe that there actually is an envisioned goal…

…It’s a lot of head strong people, pursing their own goals and trying to drag the rest of us along with them.

Some of these people take things which are literally not a social problem in the first place, spin them on their heads and go on the attack of these strawmen…

…Hence my comment on the people targeting Aunt Jemima “only wanting to get their own names in the history books”.

At the point that “Aunt Jemima” and “Uncle Ben” are on the copping block, it’s morphed into a campaign to dictate what we can see or choose.

I mean…can anyone even define a concrete social problem that has arisen, from these characters being on grocery packaging?

[…] this is loopy stuff happening on the fringes…which even members of the black community [which, presumably, it was meant to act on behalf of] have become the most aggressively critical voices over.

Logical people understand, that “Aunt Jemima” is not a real issue…

…but I guess a small, loud few who’ve been pushing this for decades, will get a kick over having made a powerful corporation bend the knee to their demand…and they’ll likely bask in personal glory…

Meanwhile, real social problems persist.