Do you think kids can consent?…


Date: February 28, 2021

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“Do you think kids can consent? I’m always stuck in the middle of it – Kimberly @Darkqueen”

Not an answer to your question…Just a branching thought…

From what I have witnessed…I’ll just say that the social discussion on this question has striven, almost entirely, to be as aggressively inequitable as humanly possible…

…which is possibly the most prominent reason, why some of us push back so hard on the conventional ways this question gets answered.

…We’re done with the dogma, the gaslighting, the threats and constant stonewalling, standing in the way of research and actual honest social dialogue.

What dominates is dehumanizing speech centered around fear and retribution, over issues most people do not even appear to understand.

“Consent” has many angles in a sea of variables, all ultimately judged in different ways by different personal and social temperament.

Some tempers are highly aggressive…others, a lot less so.

We have the undesirable fate, of living in a time dominated by aggressive tempers.

Tempers are emotional…not rational…Which is why we, as a species, are not currently having a rational discussion about this question.


As to the actual question…as always…if the overarching culture sets its parameters liberal enough…of course, yes…kids/children can typically meet such criteria.

If a culture decides to respect a child’s autonomy and choice, then this is entirely possible.

Nothing about this statement should be controversial, in any way.

As it happens…most cultures do not respect or value a child’s autonomy and choice, nor the potential for personal growth and empowerment that such represent.


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