Pro Consent = Anti Contact?…


Date: February 28, 2021

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“A reminder. Anti contact people are pro consent, because they acknowledge consent as an essential component of a relationship, and are aware when it’s lacking.” – Lecter/Larva

If one wanted to play around with the meaning of “pro consent” and “anti contact”, I cannot disagree.

What some of us interpret as “pro consent”, is far more broad than the current dominant ideas on social/legal consent.

“Pro Consent” as a principle, is far larger and more inclusive, than “anti contact”…even if “anti contact” might technically squeak into the fold given the angle you’ve given it here.

“Anti contact” can never be the totality of “pro consent”…They are simply not parallel equals.

I would argue, though…”anti contact” ideology necessarily denies all possibility of adequate consent…which perverts the original intention behind the “pro consent” principle.

There is a massive paradox in equating the two, because they are naturally opposed.


4 thoughts on “Pro Consent = Anti Contact?…

  1. feinmann

    People prefer to shout out black and white whilst ignoring the multiple shades of grey between. Of course far easier to be lazy, but by ignoring the complexities, one often misses the point and fractures form. Far more beneficial to pour energy collectively into demolishing the real enemy: the power structures that legitimise discrimination.

  2. Yure

    That’s an attempt of controlling a discourse, by taking away labels we use to identify ourselves. Doing so makes it harder for similar-minded people to gather under a same banner. That decreases visibility and adds an obstacle in proselytizing.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      It’s clearly trying to distort the original intent behind the term.

      I’m not one of the “pro consent” people [I’m the “pro accountability” MAP], as I recognize the social minefield the concept of “consent” is…and I think it’s more trouble than it’s worth right now, to push that idea.

      I do, however, know that “pro consent” arose out of MAPs who’ve gotten labeled “pro contact” [by personal choice, or by others]…

      …and trying to undermine that is just…not right.

      It’s also peculiar, coming from someone who owns the mastodon instance, who’s been getting very “hands on” about ceasing the various sniping by “anti contacts” causing confrontations with those labeled “pro contacts”.

      It can easily be interpreted as a snipe in it’s own right.


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