Aufheben der Dr. Seuss…

Date: March 05, 2021

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“The New Discourses Podcast with James Lindsay, Episode 23

Aufheben is a German word that, in Critical Theory, means to “abolish” or to “negate” in the way that Critical Theorists do. It’s a somewhat complicated term in that it means both to abolish and to keep or to keep safe, and the Critical Theory use taps into the so-called dialectical process to attempt to use aufheben to tear apart and, as the Marxists translated it, “sublate” whatever cultural artifact they are targeting onto a “higher” level of understanding, namely the one that empowers Critical Theorists and induces misery in everyone else. This process was widely pushed by the Critical Theorists of the Frankfurt School under a doctrine of Aufheben der Kultur, abolishment of culture, and it continues in the Woke movement today.

One of the latest big targets of Aufheben der Kultur is Dr. Seuss and his wide body of popular children’s literature. Why? Because of its success. Seuss becomes a cultural anchor point for hundreds of millions of children and adults, and by tainting Seuss, his legacy, and your own memories of him with accusations of racism and “harm,” they can abolish that shared cultural anchor and make more room to advance their own agenda, in which every text is “decolonized” and geared to indoctrinate you and your children into Critical Theory, especially Critical Race Theory. Join James Lindsay in this episode of the New Discourses Podcast to dig into the Critical Dr Seuss academic literature to see where this Aufheben der Dr Seuss comes from and how it works.”


3 thoughts on “Aufheben der Dr. Seuss…

  1. feinmann

    A new word for me, but potentially very useful, like Schadenfreude, which also neatly encapsulates a destructive human trait. Seems like humanity spends decades adding value at a cultural level to what it means to be human, and then, within just a few years, successfully managing to cancel all that progress out.

    As a commenter elsewhere succinctly put it when describing the Kevin Stacey situation:

    “… a pattern of behaviour that has moved to the extremes of ‘woke’ and attempts to ‘cancel’ people and their work, eg. JK Rowling on trans, for daring to dissent from the agenda.

    The commonality is the assumption by militant movements of an absolute morality beyond the law, beyond due process and so beyond human rights, which they feel called to (in words, threats, boycotts or physically) violently uphold.

    They are convinced they are on the side of the angels and will brook no nuance, hesitation or questioning, lest it bring themselves into question. They are young and idealistic. Another way to say this is they have little experience and are stupid.

    Sections of the media fan the flames and politicians stand around the campfire handing out hot chocolate and sausages because it is easy to do and costs them nothing.

    It is the biggest cultural problem we face.”

    Western societies appear to have been indoctrinated with Aufheben der Kulture to prosecute every vestige of pro-consent behaviour between children and adults, a way of thinking that was once tolerated during the 1970s, and could be discussed openly and in a civilised way at that time.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      “They are young and idealistic. Another way to say this is they have little experience and are stupid.”…

      …Or, “they’re book smart, but not world wise or street smart”…

      One of the things that drives me up the wall about so many of today’s young…is how many appoint themselves authority over you, rebuke and mock you…always on ideological ground, while possessing little real knowledge or experience…and regardless that you have three/four times the living experience they have.

      Their scornful contempt is cheap and petty…usually given to them by cultural momentum’s “permission to shit on others”.

      Rarely does it come from the earned wisdom of personal experience…and rarely is it wise.

      Dr. Seuss was famously introverted…

      …He was never going to be the sort of person to get up in front of crowds to speak and lecture…hence, he would not have gone on an apology tour, talking to the masses about how wrong some of his past works were…

      …but he did voice regret, turn away from that type of thing…an as recognized in this video, he even went on to write works which were metaphorical for anti-racism.

      …But the young and stupid, don’t care about his metamorphosis…

      They don’t care that Dr. Seuss was ultimately one of the good outcomes…and this is honestly among the best we can hope for, where it comes to racism.

      When I see how the young are behaving, trying to “cancel” and sabotage so much and so many…in this way…I sometimes think this world is entirely fucked…particularly if/when they come into power.

      They are socially and mentally incompetent…and outright ruthless.

  2. feinmann

    Agreed Steve.

    The birth of the internet has given a voice to the Yahoo – “a brute in human form” (Gulliver’s Travels), a voice that never stood a chance of being heard in the past due to its utter inanity, but now is able to dominate and drown out the voice of reason. I for one would be more optimistic if someone found a way to create and install Yahoo filters globally. Only then could we hope to retrieve some sense of decency and respect for one another in this world.


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