ATN: MAGA Drama Queen; Gen X Joining Culture Wars?; Ron Johnson’s Racism & More…

Date: March 18, 2021

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Oh Jeff…

Many of us Gen X are very much alarmed by cancel culture, and have been pushing back against it for years…decades, in the case of some of us.

…And, yes…We Gen X are a generation which has been shit all over by the system, in multiple ways…

Fox “news” can go fuck itself…and, yes…it is true that many of us have no loyalty to the system…nor to the previous generations that tried to keep us down, and put us through all sorts of hell…nor to the manipulative, self absorbed shitheads, of the younger generations, who somehow imagine “they’re in control now”.

…No…What’s coming out of “millennials” these days, is every bit as fucked up, as what was coming out of the boomers…

We Gen X are faithful to our own integrity, our own knowledge, our own experience and our own developed values and principles.

So much which has been peddled around us in this world, preceding and following us…has been a whole lot of manipulative bullshit and lies…forced on us by people chasing after personal power and glory.

Gen X has never even had a chance to play any serious role in leading this world…We’ve been locked out, at pretty much every turn.

We are The generation which knows most crystal clear, just how much politics and social norms are utter bullshit.


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