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CRINGE: Biden Official Face-Plants When Asked About Medicare For All…

Date: April 01, 2021

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Mo Lyin’ is just your typical, sack of shit politician.

This is why those of us with at least two brain cells to rub together, were absolutely opposed to the cunt squating on the U.S. presidency for four years…wasting precious time we don’t have to be wasting…

…But, there are just so many U.S. citizens hell bent on sinking the whole fucking ship, and taking all the rest of us down with them…

…”Blue, No Matter Who”?…

…Fuck You!

Only idiot assholes imagine they voted for change…

…You voted for the corporations and the wealthy, to snuff out your future.

What’s so disgusting…is that we all knew this and saw it coming…Yet, the masses fell in line, and embraced it.

The USA is suicidal.


Krystal and Saagar: Docs REVEAL INSANE Extortion Plot Alleging Gaetz Pictured In ‘Underage Sex Orgy’…

Date: April 01, 2021

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“Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti break down the latest updates in the Rep. Matt Gaetz scandal.”

From a government willing to visit numerous inhumanities upon MAPs…do we have yet another member, who doesn’t mind sliding his own twanger inside illegal partners?