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Marianne Williamson on Easter, Passover and Community…


Date: April 03, 2021

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“Overly Secularized Culture”?…

We can talk about that…but I think our culture is not nearly secular enough.

The issue exists with intolerance and aggression…and let’s be honest…inclinations towards domination, which exist within so many religions.

Religions do not have enough practical restrictions on them, to stop them from imprisoning, degrading and tormenting those who are born into them, for example.

Very little about religions is voluntary, for a vast amount of people who find themselves in them.

…And various religions aspire to control governments, hence the population as a whole.

This power greed is wrong.

The taste for dealing out punishment to those different, is wrong.

Religions are complicated…They have a very real dark side to them.

A lot of people do not take this into account, when considering why we do not want religions to be in political power…or overly influential in a culture.

I subscribe to the belief, that religion is best pursued as a private journey among people who self elect to be there…people who understand they are involved for self reasons, personal examination and contemplation…

…Not people who are looking to “zealously save the world from itself”, and “cast out the wicked”.

I fully agree with trying love.


AOC’s “Privilege” Comments Called Out By Left Women Of Color…

Date: April 03, 2021

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“In a recent DSA interview, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez called certain criticism of Biden “privileged.” Well, that analysis didn’t really resonate with journalist (and phenomenal Black Boricua) Monica Cruz, or feminist, anti-imperialist labor organizer Esperanza Fonseca. Monica even made a video about it.”