Date: April 04, 2021

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“Second flight for the technical acceptance of an A380 from THAI Airways in 1/13 scale. Unfortunately it was not possible to repair the landing gear fault in the short time between the two flights. That’s why the gear stayed extended.

Rainer Kamitz was at the sticks and did an impressive flight.
Builder and owner: Christopher Ferkl from Austria
Scale 1/13
Span: 6.13m / 20 feet
Length: 5.60 m / 18.5 feet
Weight: 102.7 kg / 226 pounds
Turbine: 4 x JetsMunt 166 …​
Fuel capaticy: 12 liters / 2.2 gallons (UK)
Fuel tanks from CMJETS
Landing gears: Electron with homemade gears
TX: Futaba T18MZ
RX: 2 x Futaba 7008SB
Servos: KST
2 x Aileron
2 x Elevator
1 x Rudder
4 x Landing flaps
1 x Front gear
8 x Gear doors
Electronic control unit: Powerbox Royal
Time to build 3 years / 1700 hours”


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