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Mein Kampf: The Secrets of Adolf Hitler’s Book of Evil – Free Documentary Nature…


Date: April 13, 2021

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“Today Adolf Hitler’s autobiography cum Nazi manifesto is still sold all over the world, under the counter, on the internet or simply at the bookshop. This 700 page book, published in 1925, was re-edited numerous times since the death of the author. How was it written? Was Hitler really the author? Were the war and the Holocaust truly inscribed in its pages? This documentary plunges deep into the secrets of Mein Kampf. A simple book of paradoxes: famous but unknown, fascinating and repulsive.”

I didn’t realize Adolf was such a lying little bitch…

…Not much of a man, that one.


YouTube BLOCKS BLM To Advertisers But Allows “White Lives Matter”…

Date: April 13, 2021

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“Last June, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki made a big promise to help Black YouTubers.

“We’re committed to doing better as a platform to center and amplify Black voices and perspectives,” she wrote in a blog post, announcing a $100 million fund to support them. “At YouTube, we believe Black lives matter and we all need to do more to dismantle systemic racism.”

But an investigation by The Markup found that YouTube parent company Google blocks advertisers from using dozens of social and racial justice terms, including Black Lives Matter, to find YouTube videos and channels upon which to advertise.