Kamala Harris Online Troll Army Boosted By Bots…


Date: April 27, 2021

01) LINK

I’ve also been accused of racism…over literally nothing at all…and in defiance of my staunch history of anti-racism…

It is all about smearing…They don’t care that they are lying through their teeth…They just want to put it out there, and get others to repeat and spread it.

Twitter is the worst platform ever.

…The worst of the worst are running the show.

It’s all smoke, mirrors and manipulation.

They are mentally and ethically incapable of defending their own positions…

…and this is why they work so hard, to underhandedly hurt people like us…and force censorship on those they don’t like.

…Don’t be like those assholes.

…Be a real human being…Be respectful and dignified.

Face everyone, human to human.

Be somebody worthy of other people’s respect.

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