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Nina Turner on Bernie Sanders, Running for Congress, and Progressive Power – The Next Wave…

Date: May 31, 2021

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“For the latest installment of “The Next Wave,” Rolling Stone‘s series on the new leaders who will shape America’s future, Nina Turner discussed local and state politics, being her authentic self in the public eye, George Floyd, and a slew of progressive policies, from Medicare-for-all to an increased minimum wage.”


Trump Goes BALLISTIC As New York Seats Grand Jury Against Him…

Date: May 31, 2021

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“Manhattan’s district attorney has convened the grand jury that is expected to decide whether to indict former president Donald Trump, other executives at his company or the business itself, should prosecutors present the panel with criminal charges, according to two people familiar with the development.



QAnon is WAY More Prominent Than Anyone Could’ve Imagined…


Date: May 31, 2021

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There is so much mental illness going on, propping up and within the QAnon movement…and the foundation for their ludicrous beliefs, while not mainstream, is shocking in the sheer wide spread acceptance it’s attained.

Is it any surprise as to why it is so insanely difficult to move the needle, when it comes to the human rights of children, youth and MAPs?

We have literally been up against the mentally ill, who refuse at all cost to deal in reality…

…In addition, many of them are mentally incompetent…yet they still exist in positions of power and authority…while also making up additional millions upon millions of sycophants, who target, attack, overwhelm and destroy…all because they are terrified of the phantoms in their own heads.

We need radical change, now…

…before these mentally ill start murdering people, like so many of them have been calling for and threatening for years.

People often scoff at us, when we talk about the seriousness of a literal holocaust against MAPs…as though it’s hyperbole for us to point this out and think this way…

…The Fuck It Is!…

When you’ve lived your entire life witnessing this type of demonizing and dehumanization saturating all facets of society, and people have become emboldened to publicly call for the violent murder of people like you [without any care of reprisal]…you know as a matter of fact, that people who dismiss your sound, based concerns are completely full of shit…and they are complicit in the face of inhumane acts.

It is indefensible and insane, that anybody can just make these kinds of blanket threats…smears…targeted attacks…and there is never any sort of meaningful push back.

What I’m about to say is not hyperbole…

…For the mere “offense” of baring myself to the world to spark a social dialogue, and having some unhinged lunatic figure out who I legally am…I’ve lived the past decade and a half, realizing that someone could try to murder me…In fact, I’ve kept various family members, friends and associates at a distance for years…explicitly because I don’t want them in harms way…I don’t want them becoming collateral victims.

…Assassination has happened to activists throughout history…It happens to pedophiles relatively frequently…

You think I don’t realize what might happen to me one day?…any day?…

This is living the existence…

…Violence and murder are only separate from threat, by a faintly thin wall of hesitancy.

The threat of becoming a victim of holocaust…”social cleansing”…is an absolute real threat…

…The only thing holding back many of these mentally ill people who would inflict it upon us…is the belief that they cannot presently get away with it…

The second that changes…they’ll work themselves up into any frenzy they need to, in order to inflict crimes against humanity.

The psychological groundwork has already been set for decades.

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Incredible Ignorance and Arrogance: “This Harm”…


Date: May 30, 2021

01) James Dean – Life, Death, & Personality

“This video answers the question: Can I analyze the life, death, and personality of James Dean? “

Apparently, James Dean as a teen had a homosexual relationship with a church leader…

…and Dr. Grande promptly dismisses this relationship between two apparent homosexuals [or bisexuals], as “…this harm…”.

Need I remind Dr. Grande [along with any other onlooking bigots], that you were not there…You did not personally witness the quality and outcome of the relationship…You have no business making this sort of stigmatizing characterization of it.

I get so fed up with people who don’t live these kinds of existence themselves, making these thoughtless condemnations…while dismissing and talking over the people who were actually in the relationships, doing all those allegedly “yucky” things the bigots don’t approve of.

It’s been long determined, that a very large portion of these relationships are considered to be positive, by the alleged “victim”…Further, it’s also been known that roughly the same sized fraction of “victims” consider it to have been neutral…It’s the well pronounced minority, who say it was traumatic or negative in some way…Yet the last group is the one chosen, to represent the entirety of socially designated “sex abuse victims”.

…and the establishment is hell bent on halting any studies, of the many whys in all of this.

Meanwhile, the arrogant and disrespectful population can say whatever hateful things they please, while whatever objective facts may exist are swept out of sight, nowhere to be seen…

…In the absence of anything solid or empirical, it’s a free for all to say whatever you want…to follow the masses mindlessly…because “everybody knows”…and “it’s all settled science”…and “there is nothing left that we don’t know, or that we could possibly learn…or that we should change”…

You sorts have no right…You have no fucking right at all…talking negatively about those of us who literally find it in our natures to live this way…who have harmlessly found others of the same nature to be [and scrounged a bit of mutual happiness in life] with, who have lived this life and existence, enduring a nasty, hostile, hate filled world…all because we want to show/share love, with someone who wants to be loved.

You don’t even have to deal with this bullshit, of a world full of abusive people who don’t even recognize your natural expression of mutual love to be legitimate…You don’t even have to think of the consequences, or how they destroy people…and for literally no good reason at all.

What’s amazing in all of this…is that you go on to talk about how well James did in school and life, during and after this relationship…yet you don’t pause to contemplate how this disputes James being damaged by the relationship…nor to consider that maybe it played a crucial role in the betterment of his life.

Fuck this dehumanizing contempt…Use your mind and Think!

Broken Record Mode:

For those unaware…

…The reason why such a shocking large portion of “sex abuse victims” have a positive or neutral stance towards their experience, is a direct result of the state defining “sexual assault/abuse” so broadly, that it ensnares masses of cases where those involved actually enjoyed doing it…Their only “crime” was running foul of the people in government, who don’t approve of their private life experiences and choices…but there was no objective harm resulting…On the contrary, there may have been very fond memories…because the “victim” wanted and chose it for themselves.

I cannot bring myself to respect any system so warped and twisted, that it ruthlessly punishes the shared natural humanity of others.

This is made so much worse, in that it inflicts itself based on so many false pretexts.

It is a system which refuses to function in reality…while forcing countless others to suffer for it.

It is crystal clear in my mind, just why so many people hate the government [and often society, also]…when their own existence has been entirely raped by this power structure, that wont even treat them like human beings.