3 thoughts on “Facebook Messenger and Instagram could become ‘superplatforms’ for paedophiles if end-to-end encryption is added, expert warns…

  1. Yure

    This is just an excuse to interfere with the right to privacy of law-abiding citizens. Pedophilia is an excuse for everything, actually.

    1. eqfoundation Post author


      After fighting for over two decades, one conclusion I’ve come to about this war on us and the dirty tactics we are attacked with…is that we suffer censorship to such an extreme, literally because we are too valuable of a social scare tactic…

      They know for a fact [and it has now been established, even on Twitter], that our community and issues DO gain traction with substantial portions of the public, when we are allowed to stand on equal ground, and express ourselves like everybody else.

      This is because truth is on our side…and most people have the mental capacity, to understand when other individuals and groups are being inhumanely, unjustly demonized and injured, while being used as social scapegoats.

      But “they” don’t want to lose us, as a tool to manipulate the public into conformity.

      We are tangibly starting to take ourselves, as pedophiles, away from them…and these inhumane forces don’t like it.


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