PROBLEM BEAVER turned into DELICIOUS Bacon Burgers in the Bush! (Catch, Clean, Cook)…

Frontier Kitchen

Date: May 01, 2021

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“To trap the beaver, I use a connibear 300 made by Duke. I used lure from the Canadian Coyote Company. The lure I used was called 40 Below by Tom Krause (​).

Wild Beavers are very territorial and will investigate any foreign smell. Beaver castor lure is made from beavers from another area. This incites a territorial response, and the beaver will come looking for the foreign invader. I set up a trap in a likely swim path between the beaver lodge or beaver house to intercept the curious beaver. The 330 beaver trap is very much like a large mouse trap. When the animal trips the mechanism, it releases the power behind two very large springs which force the linked bars shut compressing the animal ideally in the chest and neck. This ensures and immediate and ethical harvest.

I use the beaver for both fur and food. The meat is very good, on par with other wild game meats such as venison from deer. Beaver was very commonly consumed for meats by fur harvesters and trappers historically as the meat is quite good. The tail was considered a delicacy due to it’s high fat content which is rare in wild animals.

I prepare the wild meat in an un-traditional way by grinding it through a hand grinding meat processor. The meat is deep red, and very rich. It has no odor, and isn’t very gamey when prepared with care to remove the scent glands. The castor gland is also saved and can be sold. It is often used as a natural scent in food products used world-wide.

The fur of the beaver will be skinned open, and then pinned to a board to dry after it is scrapped clean of fat and any meat. After it is dried, it will be sent to the fur auction or sold privately. Beaver fur is quite soft, and is used in various applications including hats.

Trapping beaver is a large part of the history of Canada, and the fur trade runs deep. Today, trapping beavers is necessary to reduce habitat destruction. Beavers can kill a lot of trees and even flood out roads. As with all wild things, they must be managed carefully to maintain a good balance.

I will show you how to trap beaver, how to set a 330 conibear, how to cook beaver, a really good beaver recipe, how to find a good place to trap beaver, beaver trap caught on camera, beaver trapping with conibears, beaver trapping trail cameras, beaver trapping 2021, beaver trapping live action.”

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