New Yorkers SHRED Andrew Yang on the Streets Over Israel Tweet…

Date: May 14, 2021

01) LINK


There is this complete bullshit fairy tale, which claims “Israel is gods chosen people, therefor they can do no wrong [no matter how heinous their behavior gets]”…and there are millions upon millions of insane idiots, who pompously proclaim this to be fact…

…A lot of these fucking assholes, are the exact same people who attack and demonize MAPs…all the while vehemently supporting people who violently murder Palestinian children, teens and adults.

It says everything you need to know about a culture…if you honestly cannot get elected to office, based on your condemnation of such atrocities.

…But there is NEVER a justification in supporting such atrocities…and yes…if you support the people doing such atrocities, and are among the group making it possible for them to commit such atrocities…then you DO support those atrocities, even if your hand is not directly on the execution trigger.

I condemn these atrocities and all people behind them, in no uncertain terms.


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