Corey Feldman accuses Marilyn Manson of “decades of mental and emotional abuse”…


Date: May 19, 2021

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“Corey Feldman has accused Marilyn Manson of “decades long mental and emotional abuse” and grooming him.

Feldman shared his claims in a post on his Instagram page yesterday (February 5). “The night @marilynmanson tried 2 us & abuse me as his play toy by trying to manipulate me n2 breaking my 5 yrs of sobriety 2 snort cocaine w him, while gas lighting me 4 his press tour on #MechanicalAnimals was where the decades long mental and emotional abuse began!” he captioned a photo of himself with Manson.

The actor and singer went on to say that he was “not physically harmed” on that night, but described it as “just the beginning of my nightmare”.”

…I just thought this made for an interesting inclusion…

…Yet another person, Corey Feldman accused of abusing him.


3 thoughts on “Corey Feldman accuses Marilyn Manson of “decades of mental and emotional abuse”…

    1. feinmann

      Given the behaviour of western ‘culture’ over the past couple of decades – wokeness, cancel culture, ideological possession, child sexual abuse hysteria, Covid hysteria – I would suggest a rather large proportion of the population are certifiably mentally ill.

      1. eqfoundation Post author

        You’re right…We live in a massive mental asylum, here in the U.S.

        I wish the U.S. population were mentally healthy.

        Some are…but nowhere near enough.

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