The Parents That Raise Their Kids Without ANY Rules – Raised Without Rules…


Date: May 27, 2021

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“This documentary follows three British families are taking the bold decision to take their children out of school and bring them up without rules. These “extreme unschoolers” are part of a growing movement that believes that giving kids the absolute freedom of no bedtimes, no naughty step and no boundaries will help them grow up to become happier, more responsible people – but is it really true?

Mother of three Jenna’s 13 year old son Archie juggles fire and plays the drums, but seven years after being taken out of school he struggles to read and write and the grandparents are so concerned that they’re paying for him to have a tutor.

Vicky and Mike have just started their new lifestyle, and recently taken seven year old Jessica out of school. She now dies her own hair and makes her own meals, and appears to be thriving in a her new life without rules.

Gemma and Lewis have seven gorgeous children. None of them have been brought up to follow the rules. Life is a long series of playtimes and picnics with the kids doing whatever they like, but now a bombshell has dropped: eldest boy Finlay has now decided he wants to try school…”


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