What Do I Think About the Vaccine Incentives? – Delta (india) variant increases in UK and US…

Date: June 11, 2021

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My response to the incentives?…

Cannabis…donuts…gift certificates…beer…one million dollar vaccine lottery prizes?…

The only thing I take issue with, is the fact that this whole thing has been grossly unfair to those who simply went and got vaccinated, yet they were never given any chance to participate in these lotteries and freebies.

Someone who grudgingly relents and takes the vaccine, might end up being one of the people who gets handed a million dollars…for merely taking the vaccine…which was entirely free to them…

…Meanwhile, people who did it because they want to protect others, and just want the pandemic to end, may not even be able to have a chance at these one million dollar, life changing prizes.

It is an incredibly sad testimony…that you have to coax the least willing element in with prizes, just to get this done…

…but it’s equally ridiculous, how many have been entirely left out of this little bonanza.

…I could use one million dollars.

Honestly…there has been a ton that’s unfair about the last year and a half…A lot of people have been able to set home, collecting checks…while others of us were forced out into the public, having to deal with the public, being worked relentlessly for our normal pittance of pay…sometimes getting sick along the way.

I don’t blame the people collecting those checks, given everything going on…but when people are typically being handed two or three times what I bring in a week, just for staying home?…


…The pandemic wasn’t so financially fat for me…What increases I got, came from putting in the extra hours of work…and taking on all the extra risk.


4 thoughts on “What Do I Think About the Vaccine Incentives? – Delta (india) variant increases in UK and US…

  1. feinmann

    “It is an incredibly sad testimony…that you have to coax the least willing element in with prizes, just to get this done…”

    Even sadder when we are being told there is just one solution to solving the pandemic problem, vaccination, and vaccination increasingly appears to be the wrong solution.

    I refuse to have the vaccine, preferring instead to take Ivermectin as a prophylaxis. Why do I refuse?
    o First, vaccines were given a very low bar to step over in the rush to get them to market – consequently the risk of side effects are high; we now hear Pfizer cut critical corners in their vaccine production program, and it was the Pfizer vaccine offered to me by my doctor back in February.
    o Second, in rolling out a massive vaccination program in the middle of a pandemic, one increases the opportunity for the virus to mutate, and indeed we now have a pandemic of variants. With every new variant, the effectiveness of the original vaccine diminishes.
    o Third, the wonder drug Ivermectin, has demonstrably reduced the worst effects of Covid infections wherever it has been administered (Goa, Uttar Pradesh, Mexico, Peru, …). However, Ivermectin has systematically been rubbished by the big pharmas and the WHO. These agencies and corporations have an ocean of blood on their hands in pushing their financial agendas and denying a benign and highly effective cure for Covid globally.

    Steve, two script templates filled out and emailed to you yesterday.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      They’re now posted…check your e-mail. 🙂

      I had to do a bit of clean up, but they’ll be alright…We’ll figure this out…It cant be that hard.

      As to the vaccine, I’ve opted based on what is available to me…and I’m looking forward to shedding my mask “permanently” in a few days.

  2. feinmann

    Thanks Steve for the leg-up onto the OLF horse. My email is not secured by TOR, so I can’t imagine why I am having the problems I am. Next post I will try again as per your latest instructions.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Very good…I cannot imagine it’s going to be all that hard…I expect I’m just not that good at explaining things…

      …well…and we don’t always no for certain, that things are going to work as expected in every situation…There may be trial and error.

      Just go with the minimalist rout…It will make a very basic post without any frills, but I don’t believe it’s that big of a deal.


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