TYT Meltdown against Jimmy Dore & Aaron Mate, Ilhan Omar Smear, Steven Donziger vs. NYT…

Date: June 12, 2021

01) LINK

It was during the TYT 2016, “You people are garbage for not electing Hillary!!!” meltdown, that I realized TYT had gone off the rails…and I instinctively had to back away from them…

I didn’t fully banish their new content from this blog, until about a year or so back…because they still seemed to be putting out some decent content, initially after the 2016 meltdown…They’ve just devolved so horrible over the last few years in particular…and they keep putting out this dorky, dumb, immature content…when you know they are light years better than what they are doing now.

…That, and they wont stop obsessively pressing people for money…and who the hell even wants to watch this, let alone pay for it?

I’ve not watched anything from TYT, at all [except occasional documents of their ongoing demise]…for probably at least a year…and it feels good to be done with that.


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