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Republican Hilariously STRUGGLES To Explain Critical Race Theory…

Date: June 16, 2021

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“At least, the Republican legislator thinks it should be illegal to teach in Alabama schools, and Pringle has pre-filed a bill outlawing those lessons eight months ahead of the next session is scheduled and has been talking about the measure on conservative radio, reported AL.com.


I reject the notion, that liberals are incapable of recognizing and addressing any racial discrimination that is not the most extreme and obvious.

I think they just tend to avoid presuming the worst out of people, understanding that situations are nuanced, and there often is not “the” correct choice.

In addition…I think many are recognizing that this “new” movement is producing a lot of people, who are super aggressive, unrealistic, grossly under informed and highly destructive.

That last point, is almost certainly what this politician is responding to.

Thank you for explaining critical race theory, Jeff…I’ve been wanting a clear answer to this, for some time.

I don’t think it’s any sort of bad thing, in itself…I think it is good, honestly…

…Problem is, mobs of the socially panicked have picked it up and turned it into a train wreck…

…just like the “micro aggressions” thing.