YouTube’s BAN On Right Wing Watch Exposes Big Problems With Fighting Against Hate w/HeyIt’sVadim…

Date: June 30, 2021

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“Good news: YouTube reinstated the channel, but only after outrage. There has to be a better way.”

As far as free speech on YouTube goes…It may be legally true, that YouTube can behave as a publisher and decide on who’s content stays…

…But I’ve always taken the view, that if a platform is going to allow viewpoints expressed on any one subject, they have a moral and ethical obligation to allow diverse responses to it.

Way too often, I’ve seen extreme content on YouTube which dehumanizes, threatens, encourages suicide and violence against MAPs…and spreads a whole lot of disinformation about MAPs…Yet, if you are a MAP and even just respond with a level, honest and supported rebuttal…it is you who is likely to get censored…possibly even having your account terminated.

That is dead wrong.

The principle and practice of free speech is absolutely vital.

If YouTube is going to refuse allowing rebuttals to this type of abusive, terrorizing content…they should at least not allow that form of content in the first place…Even more so, since it blatantly violates YouTube’s terms of service.

It says everything about YouTube, and the real relevance of it’s terms of service [rules and policies], when they actively allow their platform to be saturated with this type of content…and they wont even allow decent people to stand up against it.

I am against censoring discussion of social and personal issues, period…and this is a discussion which needs to take place on a societal level.


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