“People Becoming Pro-Cs”…


Date: July 01, 2021

[Note: “Pro Contact” is a notion put forward by a group of MAPs, who wanted to distinguish opposing viewpoints on sexual permissibility, within the larger MAP community. Some of us reject the term, as we see it as manipulative and without nuance…also divisive. At the same time, it is true that positive and level headed viewpoints exist among MAPs, regarding taboo sexual behavior…So, the issue being discussed is important.]

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“pro-cs are based, antis will never be happy, even if one is anti-c. I think Miami is pro-c and that’s beautiful, they grew and learnt.” – Demon

One of the things that’s never made any sense to me in all of this, is the embracing of dogma.

In addition, I’ve never seen it as even remotely sane, to attempt censoring voices from other MAPs, who have a life of practical experience, sincere study, and well rounded empathy for all impacted by these issues, and how society is going off the rails over them.

If you push one party line and marginalize all else, what you end up with is distortion…because there is normally still some truth in what “the unpopular” MAPs have to express…Maybe, there is a lot of truth in it…

…Maybe, there is more truth in their words, than in those of those pushing dogma.

Regardless of where you plant your own flag…it says everything one needs to know about your stand, when you believe that dissenting viewpoints must be censored or outright dismissed.

If one’s arguments and viewpoints cannot weather any dissent…they’re not much in the way of arguments and viewpoints.

It’s never bothered me that people disagree with my arguments, views and experiences…

…What’s bothered me, is that people have the gall to act like my experiences and observations as a human being are contemptible, hold no meaning and are “lies”…

…On top of this, they re-frame what I’ve spent my life doing, and in extremely bad faith, they claim that I have some sinister, “evil” agenda…to do things which I literally am incapable of doing…and things which I’ve been literally fighting to help reduce.

I don’t get people who think “the conversation must never happen”, when it is what we most need at this specific moment in time.

We need to be fully honest, about the nature of human sexuality. We need to clearly understand where problems exist…and we need to understand clearly, where aggressive special interests have distorted and manipulated, causing harm and devastation in their wake.

All of those things exist…Not a single one of them, should be allowed to continue harming and devastating, on the grounds that they have the momentum of social dogma, and “feel good” notions on their side.


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