Mike Pillows’ BONKERS Election Claim Finally Has An End Date…

Date: July 07, 2021

01) LINK

“Mike Lindell says that by this time next year, everything will be different and amazing. This all had to happen so our nation unites under God. He then plans on going after teachers’ unions, lawyers, and ambulance chasers.


August 13th?…

…Why do we always have to wait some annoying amount of time, just to witness coming to pass what we already know?…I’m beginning to see this behavior as psychological warfare…They’re intentionally trying to keep people on edge and emerged in stress, all the damn time.

There may be some public protests…maybe some people will get arrested…the most unhinged could get violent…maybe some people get killed…but Trump is not being restored to the U.S. presidency.

Mike Pillow is already massively screwed due to his lies and insane behavior…He’s merely going all in “Hail Mary!” style, because he sees no other way out for himself…If this does not work, he has to face the music…and it’s over for him…

…He is the last person anyone should be trusting.


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