Dr. Paul Marik Discusses Latest Trends In COVID Management…


July 10, 2021

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“What we are going through now is unprecedented in the history of science. This goes back to witchcraft and prehistoric behaviours. Science is based on exchange of information, and that has been censored. I think this is a very dark period in the history of humanity, in the history of science, the history of the press, the history of freedom of speech, just because the complete lack of information, misinformation, disinformation and censorship. It is absurd! What we are saying is being labelled as scientific misinformation.

I would do a mass distribution program of Ivermectin together with Melatonin and Aspirin, everybody. We have to assume everyone is infected – we should have done this months ago just to get this pandemic under control – just treat everybody, everybody. Ivermectin is exceedingly cheap; it is safe – just give it to everybody. That way we will eliminate Sars Covid 2 – it will be gone. I just don’t understand why – well I do understand why: there are economic and political factors that benefit from an ongoing pandemic.”

Question: What do you think about the principal study from the University of Oxford on Ivermectin. Why are they enrolling individuals who may have been having Covid symptoms for up to 14 days? Is this study set up for failure?

Answer: “Yes. You have to question the morals and ethics of scientific researchers who are setting up a study that is destined to fail. By the sixth day patients are no longer infectious. By the eighth day they no longer have a replicating virus, so to treat people with an anti-viral up to 14 days is complete and utter insanity. If you enroll people who have already recovered, you are not going to achieve anything.”


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