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MWF Scars and Blights – July 15, 2021…


Date: July 15, 2021

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Match 1: Dave Haven VS Hamhocks the Clown – 79%

Match 2: Ronald Bump & Mike Bent VS Dylan & Cole Sprout – 71%

Special Match: Triple Threat

Match 3: Viamund VS feinmann VS JSM – 100%

Main Event:

Match 4: Moon Walker VS Tom O – 66%

To avoid spoilers, you must highlight the text on this table in order to read it.

Win: Dave Haven Loss: Hamhocks the Clown
Win: Ronald Bump & Mike Bent – New MWF Tag CHAMPIONS! Loss: Dylan & Cole Sprout
Special Match: Triple Threat – Prime Time Championship Match Viamund Pins JSM – New Prime Time Champion!
Main Event Match: Tom O Defeats Moon Walker

Show Referee: Devlin

Location: Whoopie Heights

A Vignette plays featuring Reisman wandering around in Hell, bawling her eyes out and screaming “I don’t belong here!”…

Satan has her arrested and brought before him, ordering that she will now be his servant for eternity.

Over time, Satan and all of his demons become so annoyed over her ineptness and constant whining, that Satan has no other choice but to banish her from Hell…to walk the earth a shell…There is no more room down here for her…


BEST RANKED MATCH: Viamund VS feinmann VS JSM – 100%

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Do Introverts Really Get Tired from Socializing? – Extraversion & Mental Depletion…


Date: July 15, 2021

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“This video answers the questions: Do introverts really get tired from socializing? What is the relationship between extraversion and mental depletion?

The five-factor model of personality (FFM)

This model of personality features five big traits: openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. Each of these big five traits can be broken down further into six facets, for a total of 30 facets.

Someone high in openness to experience appreciates art, likes abstract thinking, theories
intellectually curious, imaginative, creative, adventurous, and tends to fantasize.

Conscientiousness is characterized by being reliable, hard-working and productive, consistent, steady, organized, and decisive.

Those high in extraversion are comfortable in crowds, assertive, friendly, outgoing, disinhibited,
talkative, and have positive emotions.

Agreeableness is characterized by trust, modesty, being gentle and kind, having a lot of empathy,
following the rules, and being straightforward.

Neuroticism is characterized by emotional lability (emotionally unstable), insecurity, being angry, depressed, anxious, hostile, and being impulsive (in the sense of not being able to resist temptation).

Leikas, S. & Ilmarinen, V. (2017) Happy Now, Tired Later? Extraverted and Conscientious
Behavior Are Related to Immediate Mood Gains, but to Later Fatigue. Journal of Personality 85:5, DOI: 10.1111/jopy.12264”

In my experience…the answer is “yes”.