6 thoughts on “William Shatner Presents: Chaos on the Bridge…

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Thing about this, though…It’s not based on being signed in…

      …It’s the weird version, that inexplicably forces you to watch it on YouTube…

      I’m already signed into my main account…So, age restriction should not even matter.

      If they can already verify your age…what difference does it make, embedding it on another website?

  1. feinmann

    Incroyable! Maybe the Zuck has stumbled on the ultimate technology, in this case, one that forces people to watch Youtube :o)

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Another thing I’ve noticed and have been a little bit concerned about, is the growing [often vague] diversity in messages, giving excuses as to why an embedded video will no longer display on this blog.

      It used to be more specific…”the creator made it private”…”deleted by creator”…”creator only allows viewing their videos on YouTube”…There may have even been a message for TOS violation deletions…

      …Recently, I’ve even stumbled upon an old post where this message is something like “creator has blocked viewing on this website”…which leads me back to concerns, that an old Vimeo feature of white listing websites, might eventually find it’s way into YouTube.

      It’s not the end of the world…It’s just that I feel it makes this blog more lively and interactive, by actually embedding media here wherever possible…and it sucks that people would explicitly prevent this from happening.


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