Media protection racket hides Joe Biden’s ‘comically bizarre gaffes’ at CNN town hall…

Date: July 23, 2021

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“The US media establishment “moved heaven and earth” to make President Joe Biden seem presidential at the CNN town hall, according to Sky News Digital Editor Jack Houghton.

“In America we are witnessing this issue played out in reverse as the gushing media establishment moves heaven and earth to make President Joe Biden seem presidential,” he said.

“As Biden fronted the CNN town hall this week, his chief stenographer Don Lemon was on the case. And boy did Don come prepared with some tough questions for the ‘big guy’.”

Biden was asked to name one extraordinary moment since becoming president and instead of providing an answer, he rambled about being told to close doors.

“One thing, just one thing that has stood out to you during your time as the leader of the free world,” Mr Houghton said.

“But apparently it was cognitively too difficult for Biden who started rambling about times he’s been told to close the door and how often he is asked ‘Mr President why are you going outside.’”

Mr Houghton said tragically, it wasn’t even the craziest thing to be said at the town hall, with the moment Biden starts raving about whether there is a man on the moon having gone viral this week.

“And it wasn’t just comically bizarre gaffes, Biden made plenty of factually incorrect statements, some of which Don Lemon helped him correct in the moment before quickly trying to move on,” he said.

“Geez, talk about a media protection racket. Could you imagine CNN doing that for Donald Trump, or any Republican if they made a slight mistake.”


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