4 thoughts on “UK, Decline and Fall…

  1. feinmann

    I once believed Dr Campbell to be scrupulously honest whilst bringing a daily dose of Covid related news. But slowly and surely he appears to have been captured by the big pharma cabal. He has in excess of one milion subscribers on Youtube, so most certainly he would not want to suffer a severing blow from The Zuck’s sword of Damocles as Bret Weinstein and Mobeen Sayed clearly have done for daring to mention the ‘I’ word. These two remain scrupulously honest and consequently extremely courageous, albeit over on Odysee. Total silence on the role Ivermectin would play in extinguishing Covid once and for all if made available across the counter around the world.

  2. feinmann

    He does indeed. However, to promote vaccinating everyone as the only way to create herd immunity sufficient to eradicate Covid, is being disengenuous. By taking this stand, he does big pharma a great service in helping to keep Covid endemic within the global population for years to come.

    The recent massive increase in Covid (delta variant) cases across the UK neatly demonstrates that mass vaccination does nothing to prevent new variants arising, does nothing to stop those already inoculated from contracting Covid, does nothing to create herd immunity, and does nothing to support draconian long-term lockdown and mask-wearing policies. The massive increase could have been avoided if the UK government made Ivermectin easily available to the whole population and communicated a protocol advising taking it whenever Covid-like symptoms first appear.


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