Ellen Page – Hard Candy…

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Date: August 01, 2021

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“15 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Gay!”

This is the girl who starred in the movie “Hard Candy”…

…a movie about a girl who coaxes and entraps an ephebophile…who she goes on to imprison and torture…The movie was a gratuitous display, of “a pedophile being justly kidnapped and tortured”…A lot of people celebrated this gross dehumanization displayed for mass entertainment.

…And here Ellen is a few years later, talking about her own woes and struggles as a lesbian…

You can’t make this fucked up shit up…

…Some of the nastiest, most cruel and self absorbed people…are our fellow “perverts” who’ve managed to make it a step or two ahead of us…but they jump at the chance, to throw other sexual minorities under the bus in the most vile ways imaginable.

We’re expected to feel sorry for these sorts as they tell their own sob story…

…Meanwhile, they do this type of fucked up shit to other human beings, without a care in the world as to the wide reaching negative effects it has on them…and on society in general.

I for one am sick of this shit, from gay and lesbian assholes, who can’t even muster up being modestly decent human beings.

I suppose…we could say “she was just accepting a movie role”…and “this was bound to get her attention, at a time when she needed it for her career”…

…but the movie was obvious, for being what it was…

…And it says so damnable much about you, that you would choose to play a hand in it.

It was torture of “a pedophile” for entertainment…It was dehumanization of sexual minorities for entertainment.

…Anyone with humane morals worth a shit, would have walked away from it.


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