Shocking Wikipedia edits on Bret’s page (from Livestream #86)…

Date: August 02, 2021

01) LINK

Wikipedia had so much potential…but this is the ultimate problem, which has dragged Wikipedia down…It’s a problem that goes way, way back to it’s earliest days…when they decided they’d just start banning people from being contributors, if they didn’t like them…regardless whether they were posting information in a neutral way or not…and, yes…Wikipedia has a history of doing this…as well as allowing people and organizations to be smeared and libeled.

Ugly truth about Wikipedia…is that they’ve been pushing people out, while allowing current politically correct bias, far longer than the major social media platforms…Wikipedia is one of the original major stooges on the internet.

This is why I will never donate to Wikipedia…and why out of principle, I virtually never even link to it.

True…Wikipedia is such a massive glut of content, that most of it wont likely suffer from political assassination…and it will be good information, provided by honest people with goodwill…

…But it’s those socially charged issues, where clarity and diversity counts the most, where Wikipedia drops the ball…in ways which are critical and damaging to society…damaging to human beings.

It’s unforgivable, that Wikipedia pushes social agendas, over clarity in information…most especially when it’s aggressively slanted against research, individuals, organizations and demographics.

Where it counts the most…Wikipedia is a garbage website, because the people running it have consciously chosen to turn their back on objective integrity.

They can take their endless pleading for financial support, and shove it up their ass.

…Wikipedia Does Not deserve being supported…and I’m sorry they duped the good doctor out of her money.

She handed it over to snakes…they turned around and bit her.


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