De-google-ify Internet…


Date: August 03, 2021

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“Framasoft wishes to face the threats to our digital lives by offering free, ethical, decentralised, and solidarity-based services.

In practice

The “de-google-ify Internet” project – which does not exclusively concern Google – consists in offering as many alternative services as possible to those we consider a threat to our digital lives.

Google Docs, Skype, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Google Agenda, Youtube, Doodle, Yahoo! Groups, and many others, are extremely convenient services but they have become far too large and have made us dependent on them. Framasoft wishes to resist this trend and is putting forward a roadmap for setting up alternative services over several years.

These services are free, gratis, open to all (insofar as our technical and financial capabilities allow us), as digital commons . With the goal of decentralising the Internet and promoting self-hosting, we will do our best to ensure that everyone can install their own services (for themselves, for their organisation, or their company).

Of course, We are not aiming to compete with these services, We merely wish to offer a space that is neutral, non-commercial, and in no way aggressive towards its users.”

I haven’t used these…I cannot vouch for them…But they seem to be on the level.

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