GRIFTING Tim Pool EXPOSED In Damning Takedown…

Date: August 03, 2021

01) LINK

“A former darling of Occupy Wall Street, Tim Pool has racked up more than a billion views and millions in earnings while dangerously whitewashing the far right.”


I used to share Tim Pool’s videos here, many years ago…in much the same way I shared Sargon’s videos here…They set the stage for me to write a little something, about what was being talked about.

Tim was much different back then…Somewhere along the line, he changed…and became far less worthy of my attention and time.

What he does these days is just…Meh!

I cannot believe he’s been this successful…Last I knew, he was struggling to stay in his apartment…and trying to build a news van, to get back out on the street…allegedly.

When I stumble upon his videos these days, he’s still just ranting in front of a camera…I don’t see anything impressive…and he’s also gone off the deep end, with conspiracy theories.


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