Reasons Tess Lawrie is concerned about some negative ivermectin studies (Tess Lawrie & Bret Weinstein)…


Date: August 29, 2021

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“Tess Lawrie is an MD and PHD, external analyst for the World Health Organization, and an expert in analysis of medical evidence.”


5 thoughts on “Reasons Tess Lawrie is concerned about some negative ivermectin studies (Tess Lawrie & Bret Weinstein)…

  1. feinmann

    Could not find this Dark Horse podcast on Youtube, which I guess includes the related clip below. Youtube are equally guilty of censoring IVM, and, given Odysee views of circa 8000 versus half a million on occasion for some Youtube Dark Horse podcasts, their censorship continues to be highly effective. Still, more and more people are turning to alternative platforms such as Odysee, to locate uncensored debate.

    Like Tess and Bret, I too have IVM in the house and have chosen not to be inoculated against Covid. Cases continue to be low, around 100 since late May – in a country with close to 10 million people, but the latest variant doubtless will get a grip here as winter looms.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I’m interested in seeing what happens, where IVM is a primary line of defense.

      …and I wish I could embed Odysee videos here…but, it’s a “smaller” platform…and not part of the big tech establishment.

  2. feinmann

    Tess gives her reason why she and her family have not been inoculated: “On the WHO pharmacovigilance database for a vaccine like tetanus, since 1968 there has been 36 deaths and around 14,000 adverse events, whereas on the same database there has been more than that number every day this year against the Covid19 vaccine.”

    With stats like that, one has to ask why the Covid vaccine continues to be promoted by healthcare agencies and governments alike (and Dr John Campbell), and why the proven efficacy of IVM and Hydroxychloroquine, continues to be suppressed by those very same agencies. Failure to halt the Covid19 vaccination programs is genocide.

    Remember the mandatory emergency-use-authorisation Anthrax vaccinations forced on US troops under Clinton’s administration … déjà vu. When will people wake up?

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      We were given those anthrax vaccines on deployment in the gulf war 91…I’ve never been exactly right, since roughly a year after returning…It’s the main reason I don’t normally do vaccines…Though, it’s unclear if this was a/the culprit in gulf war syndrome, or it was something else.

      It’s known to have adverse, life long effects on a small percentage of those who take it.

      I didn’t really “want” to do the covid vaccine…but I’d also rather not die suffocating from a lack of oxygen.

      I have to deal with a ton of people, in my work…we had one person at work end up in the hospital on oxygen…There was no easy answer in this decision.

  3. feinmann

    Sorry to hear you may have suffered as a result of untested vaccine Steve.

    Unsurprisingly, having been inoculated with an untested (and unquantifiable) spike protein vaccine, does not prevent you from getting Covid. The Oxford vaccine team have in the past week warned the UK public via Prof Andrew Pollard: “Clear that the delta variant can infect people already vaccinated. Making herd immunity impossible to reach even with high vaccine uptake.”

    For some peace of mind, take a look here for a prophylaxis protocol: I also suggest you try to understand the mechanics of this protocol specifically: precisely, how it protects you.


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