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Dems Still Blaming Susan Sarandon For Current Failures!…

Date: September 02, 2021

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Texas has gone full on 1984…

…I’m perplexed at what legal standing any random citizen even has, in filing a civil law suit against anyone assisting in an abortion.

This new Texas law is so dirty and underhanded, they cannot hide how insane it is…and yet, the people behind it continue to talk about it as if it’s totally rational.

I think the ones behind this law are quite happy about extreme persecution of citizens…so long as they are the ones imposing it.


Trump DEMANDS Ownership Stake As He Eyes RETURN To Social Media…

Date: September 02, 2021

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“Saagar and guest host Marshall Kosloff look at Trump’s potential return to social media through an ownership stake in Gettr and what his next moves might be.”

Saagar…kindly cease referring to pedophiles in a derogatory manner.

We are not “the worst of humanity”!

It can literally be argued, that many of us pedophiles are the best of humanity.

Pedophilia is a state of being, where one is sexually oriented towards prepubescent children, through no fault of their own. This is how nature and biology has made them.

And we get far too much crap over it, without you piling on.

Reality is, many of us are sexually celibate and forgo [swear off] all criminal activity, or we channel our sexuality into legal options which harm nobody at all.

Pedophiles belong on all of the major social media platforms, and we have had a very long history of being on them, engaged in perfectly legal activity, entirely ethical and productive endeavors, and in full compliance with platform TOS, rules and policies.

So long as we behave in line with the laws, TOS, rules and policies, there is never any justification in penalizing us, or kicking us off of any platform.

As it happens, some major social media platforms do sink to the indefensible, by taking extreme actions against pedophiles for literally nothing more than admitting to being a pedophile, asserting their own worth and human dignity, standing up against onslaughts of abusive bullies, and attempting to be a positive, educational influence in the world.

Pedophiles are beautiful human beings, who largely live a life of sexual poverty, while enduring a grueling social existence the likes of which most of you will never know.

Pedophiles have an uncommon strength and nobility, we deserve being recognized for.

What you do when you start publicly grouping us in with criminals, racists, “perverts”, etc, is literally no different from slandering gays, lesbians and racial minorities…or the disabled.

If we pedophiles live an upstanding life, then you have no business running your mouth off against us.

I am just sick to death, of seeing this kind of behavior out of otherwise good people.


McDonald’s Scam Call Case Analysis – Obedience to Authority Meets Gullibility…

Date: September 02, 2021

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“This video answers the question: Can I analyze the 2004 McDonald’s scam call case?






How insane do you have to be, in order to comply with something like this?!