[ALittleLearning] The Basics: Introduction…


Date: September 09, 2021

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“This is the first video in a series I am making called basics, this video focuses mostly on how different groups react to pedophilia and why.

The alt-right play book:

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2 thoughts on “[ALittleLearning] The Basics: Introduction…

  1. Nada

    The alt right playbook provide some insight into how apologists for Democracts view the world, not a good understanding of politics. The creator fears the free marketplace of ideas and anonymity – conditions in favor of radical ideas judged on their own merit, as opposed to on the author’s sex, race or sexuality.

    The MAP author, at least, maps liberals to centrists. To claim the left’s (as he defined it) response to pedos is a matter of misinformation and dogma neglects the part feminists and (what became) LGBT played in creating (and maintaining) the anti-pedo sentiment and laws.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Thank you, Nada. 🙂

      I’ve not gotten that far into “The alt-right play book”. I’ve been offline a lot, lately.

      This series [MA-TV] is explicitly for sharing MAP made media. I don’t know ALittleLearning, and I don’t always agree with all the philosophies held/expressed by the MAPs I feature here. I did find this media interesting, though…and I’m looking forward to future additions.

      I’m not exactly a die hard fan of capitalism, myself…So, I’m more open to ideas on how we can care for the masses, first and foremost…and that this should be the prime objective, in any culture.


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